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T. McGaw | DHS 1101

Forum Report Information


When you submit a Forum Report:


When submitting a Forum Report, the topic will automatically lock and pend for Administrative review. Once an Administrator has accepted the report, they will review the report and decide if the report is needed to be forwarded for an active discussion, or if the report is being based on claims that aren't against server rules/are minimal offenses that wouldn't require Administrative action. During the initial review process, they have forty-eight (48) hours to make a decision. 

After a report is forwarded, each player will only have a limit of 350 words that they can explain on their behalf, and a maximum of three (3) replies for those that are directly involved. Those that post a Forum Report have a limit of 500 words ONLY on the initial posting. Once they reply, they limit to 350 words. Players that are listed as witnesses may not reply to the thread unless directly asked by the Administrator who is handling the Forum Report. Witnesses are required to give all relevant information that they have to the poster of the Forum Report. Only the poster and the parties being reported may respond to the Forum Report. If a group is being reported, it is required that they elect one representative to post on behalf of the group.


The Administrator will give each player a turn to address issues if multiple different offenses have been reported in the same Forum Report that have a potential of different punishment for different server rules breakages (more explained in the FAQ on this). Those that go over the word limit or post limit will not be counted towards the report. Meaning if you post 365 words, only 350 will be counted for example. This will be a standard kept and set no matter the overage limit and will not be waived. Include as much information as you can in a short paragraph. The Administrator handling will ask for more information if needed. If the Administrator handling can blatantly identify a server rule break, they may only require one post per party.


The Administrator who is handling the Forum Report will have a total of seven (7) days from start to finish to review and conclude the report being submitted. Posters will only have five (5) days to respond to the Forum Report as directed by the handling Administrator. This gives the handling Administrator two (2) days to fully review and make a conclusion, and ask any additional questions as needed. We give up to one week as we understand players & staff are busy with real life, and might not be able to look through the Forums everyday to respond instantly. We feel this is fair for both sides. 



  • What is the initial review process?
    • The Administrator handling the report will preview to see if any server rule-breaks were committed, evidence is presented, and will gather players Forum Profiles and tag them in the report. Administrators will have a set format to file all required information about the Forum Report, including what server offenses are being investigated. If the report is rejected it is typically because it is not within format, not following new standards, or does not fall under "What can I report".
  • Why are Forum Reports more strict?
    • We decided to add a more strict process so Forum Reports can be handled more efficiently from both sides. Administrators simply cannot keep up with spam posting and need to be in charge of the Forum Report in total. 
  • What can I report?
    • Common Courtesy reports where the player logged and did not return to the interaction after ten (10) minutes and if the player has not logged back in within a total of thirty (30) minutes from where you clear the RP, OOC insults, taking advantage of uncontrollable OOC actions/issues that wouldn't have happened IC.
    • Powergaming reports where it disrupts RP as it wouldn't have happened/be possible in real life, looting, failing to RP injuries, 
    • FearRP (PG) reports where the individual escaped / you are requesting a CK on the player if the player was killed from the lack of fear.
    • Incidents of proven/highly suspected Metagame. If it's just a "hunch" - the report might not get forwarded.
    • Deathmatching (DM) reports where players are shot/killed with no interaction that could of led to a potential shooting/killing. This still counts if you are unaware that the shooting was over a gang conflict, however, once the shooting is deemed that it is valid/possible, the report will no longer be declared DM and will be closed. DM will be strictly enforced as it is stated within the server rules.
    • Reporting a hacker/someone using third party modifications and or bug abusing
    • Reporting someone for Offensive, Sexual, or Disgusting RP.
    • Reporting Individuals violating our Restricted/No crime zones.
    • Reporting Real World Trading
    • Reporting Scrolling restricted firearms that in the end resulted in loss of life/arrest
    • Reporting Individuals breaking jail rules.
    • Reporting Individuals breaking returning to RP after Injuries/Death 
  • If I go over word or post limit, what happens?
    • The Administrator will simply ignore the post or whatever amount is counted after the 350 word/3 post limit. If you post more then 500 words on the opening topic, the thread will be locked and archived for you to repost. We have found that players are submitting close to one thousand words into a single reply of a Forum Report and they aren't even addressing the issues that were asked. Limiting a word response will create a fundamental mindsight to only include the needed information rather than personal opinions. Administrators are fact finders, not belief finders. Players that post when they are not suppose/asked to may receive a forum moderation warning that is not appealable via Staff Management. We are setting a strict standard on Forum Reports.
  • When/What may I reply in a Forum Report?
    • Administrators will directly ask questions and open the report for a specific individual involved to reply to the Forum Report. Players involved in the Forum Report will only be answering questions that Administrators are asking. There will be no "off topic" or "side tracking" in Forum Reports from here on out.
  • If the report is on a group and multiple rule breaks are committed, but not everyone broke the same rules, what happens?
    • Players will be given the chance to reply on behalf of themselves within the three (3) replies and address different rule breaks. The Administrator handling the Forum Report when forwarding, will tag all involves and put the accused rule breaks they have committed. You will be well aware of what is being investigated in the Forum Report and have the proper chance to defend yourself. 




SUBJECT: [Firstname_Lastname] [Number of broken rule]


Date and Time of incident:

Names of witnesses (if applicable):

Your ingame name:

Overall Explanation (250 word limit) :



Accusation 1 (50 words): What rule was broken and a brief summary.

Reported Player(s) Who Broke it:

Reported Players(s) Faction (if any):



Accusation 2 (50 words): What rule was broken and a brief summary.

Reported Player(s) Who Broke it:

Reported Players(s) Faction (if any):



Accusation 3 (50 words): What rule was broken and a brief summary.

Reported Player(s) Who Broke it:

Reported Players(s) Faction (if any):



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