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Spagota | DHS 1103

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Spagota | DHS 1103

For the last month and a half, we've been kicking the tires on a new way of doing hiring for our first responder departments. After discussion with department heads, the decision was made to take us in the direction of a more realistic hiring practice.


All departments have always had a base entry level application, we will be taking that concept and applying it to all positions that are considered supervisory and above. 


What does that mean? 
Departments will utilize the https://liveactionrp.com/community/forum/297-job-offers/ forum on the website in combination with a LARP application for you to be able to apply for any job. Each job will list out the required qualifications, expectations, conditions of employment, and a link to apply now. All departments require hours to be met, different positions require different commitments, so if you can't commit, don't apply. 


Who can apply to the job postings?
Anyone that is registered on the LARP Website can apply for any position. 


What about the transfer portal?
We the management team is not sorry to inform you that it is dead. If you are not happy in a department, take a look at the available job offers. If there is something you qualify for, apply. The base jobs will always be available. 


What about disparity between department numbers? 
As a management team, we have considered this for quite some time and have come to the same conclusion. We want to have a community where people can be in the department, they chose to be in. If someone new joins, we want them to choose the location that they desire instead of being directed somewhere they don't want to be to either become in active or at the time simply put in for a transfer when it becomes available. 


Why make this change?
As a community we strive for realistic RP. One part of how we've done things that was unrealistic was our promotional process and how people were put into different positions for supervisory and leadership roles. We believe that adding competition thru applications and interviews in the promotional process is a reflection of our value to be a realistic RP server and can take us to the next level.

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