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Community Rules and Policies

T. McGaw | DHS 1101

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T. McGaw | DHS 1101
  1. Community Policy: All Live Action Roleplay Community Policies and Directives are to be followed while operating on LARP Services. Such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Website, FiveM Server.
  2. Age Requirement: The required minimum age to use any of the LARP services is 16 any member found being below 16 will be removed
  3. Conduct: Respect is to be shown to every member of the server as well as the LARP Community itself at all times. Disrespecting any Member, Staff, Director, etc. is prohibited on any of LARP's Services.
  4. Spam: Spamming (including but not limited to emojis, chat, mic, sending multiple messages in a row) is prohibited on any of LARP's Services.
  5. Confidential LARP Content: Asking for or releasing private LARP content is prohibited within this server. Both actions may result in immediate removal from all of LARP's Services.
  6. Impersonating: Impersonation of other users, bots, or public figures is prohibited.
  7. Nicknames: Nicknames containing inappropriate content or impersonating a LARP member or Staff is prohibited on any of LARP's Services.
  8. Inappropriate Content: Posting any inappropriate content outside of NSFW channels including nudity, excessive cursing, pornographic material, etc is prohibited.
  9. Tagging: Excessively tagging members and staff is prohibited. If you need to contact staff follow the Chain of Command.
  10. Topics: Arguing or discussing politics, religion, and any other controversial topics are to be avoided on any of LARP's Services.
  11. Proper Channels: Proper channels should be used at all times. Questions can be asked by anyone , or make a ticket for any issue or concern you have.
  12. Racism: Absolutely no racism of any kind will be tolerated while using any of the LARP services.
  13. Advertising: Advertising any other Community, Business, Clan, Discord, Website, TeamSpeak, Channel, Twitter, etc. is prohibited within this server without written consent from a LARP Director. 14. Command Staff/Admin Positions: If you're a member of another community and hold a command staff/Admin position you cannot obtain a command staff position within LARP, we do this due to the amount of time that comes with the position and the amount of information you have access to.



Disclaimer: LARP Management and Staff are not your personal counselors. We will do everything we can to support our members, but we can not and will not be responsible for your mental health. Suicidal ideation will not be tolerated and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


Note: Management reserves the right to remove any member from LARP Services at any time for any reason.

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