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Suggestion System: Changes, Explained

T. McGaw | DHS 1101

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T. McGaw | DHS 1101

Good Morning,


We are going to be implementing some changes to how we handle suggestions.  With that being said when you submit a suggestion it's given the "Awaiting

Feedback" tag, which is self-explanatory we are waiting to see what the community thinks. Well Change #1 will be a suggestion will remain with the "Awaiting Feedback" tag UNTIL it has received at least 25 Upvotes (Green Arrow) as well as some feedback in the comments of the suggestion. THIS way we can ensure that the community wants this. This will also make sure that when a suggestion is created there is a write up on why this would be nice and beneficial and not just a link to a script saying "add this"


Secondly, suggestions over 60 days old chances of being implemented are slim, so after 60 days we are going to set the suggestion to rejected if it does

not meet the above criteria (Votes and feedback), as well as if your suggestion is just a link.... it will be rejected.  Now this isn't stating you can't open another one and try again, by all means please do.


Thirdly and well Last change will be if a suggestion is added it will be added withing at max 30 days from the time of acceptance, unless that suggestion is a

EUP suggestion where as those take some time considering how big our EUP Pack is.



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