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Application Restrictions

Content count Reputation points/likes Number of days as member Minimum age User groups
No restriction No restriction No restriction No restriction All Groups

This position requires a minimum of 15 hours of active duty game time per month and additional activity outside of in-game time. 


City of Los Santos Police


$70 (Based off Rank hired in) per 15 minutes of duty (in-game $ only)

About Us

Live Action Roleplay (LARP) was created in February 2021. We are a group of mature individuals with a great amount of experience within FiveM and some within IRL Emergency Services. We here at LARP follow all terms of services within FiveM. We try to create a realistic roleplay (esx-based) experience and are a welcoming community for those to come and have fun and socialize and feel like they are fully a part of something great.


Why Work for Los Santos Police Department?
You will be trusted and relied upon to assist members of the public in case of emergency, day or night. you will have the opportunity to experience many different specialized Roles to expand your experience in a growing Department!


As the City of Los Santos Police Officer Supervisor, you will patrolling of public areas, the arrest of law violators, the investigation of incidents of law violations, and the maintenance of police records. A Los Santos Police Officer shall demonstrate ethical conduct, community stewardship, individual initiative, and responsive service. A Los Santos Police Officer shall demonstrate effective performance through clear, concise communication; collaboration; proper allocation and utilization of resources sound decision-making, personal accountability, and responsibility.


Upon hire, a LSPD officer will receive a $10,000 in-game signing bonus after completion of probationary status and a month of service*


Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated knowledge of LARP Penal Codes
  • Thorough knowledge of Public Safety and Security: rules and regulations for the protection of people, data, and property, including the use of weapons and force Thorough knowledge of Law and Government: laws, penal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, and the democratic political process
  • Ability to be patient and firm in managing the scenes, services to the public, and community disputes
  • Experience supervising law enforcement operations

Conditions of Employment

  • Demonstrated knowledge of LSPD SOPs within 1 week of hire
  • Completion of the LARP San Andreas Regional Police Academy with an Exam Score of 90% or Higher with 1 retake is possible


City of Los Santos Hiring Process

  • Application
  • Certification Exam - Score of 90% or Higher with 1 retakes possible
  • Oral Board Panel Interview
  • Management Panel Interview

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 16 years old
  • No Felony Convictions

Application Restrictions

  • Content count No restriction
  • Reputation points/likes No restriction
  • Number of days as member No restriction
  • Minimum age No restriction
  • User groups All Groups


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