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1214.) Vehicle Impounds for certain offenses shall be detailed within this section as to when it is acceptable and when other means are warranted in the following list;


  • Any vehicle involved in the commission of a crime, and/or to which the owner of said vehicle has been arrested. May be converted to seizure, if suspect is sentenced to life or given a death sentence. Otherwise impounded until the release of the suspect, or at least until the end of a 48 hour period since the arrest occurred.  Court sentencing may apply impounds and seizures at their discretion.
  • Any vehicle/owner who has accumulated four or more traffic-related fines, within the timespan of one week. May be retrieved after a total of seven days have passed since impoundment.
  • Any vehicle that is illegally imported into the United States. Automatic seizure of the vehicle, and a federal arrest warrant for registered owner issued.

If a vehicle does not meet the definitions above to be impounded/seized, but is somehow causing a hindrance through other traffic-related offenses, the vehicle is authorized upon officer discretion to be towed to a safe location to remove the disruption. (EX: Parking Violation)


1215.) License suspensions, unless specifically dictated otherwise for specific traffic-related offenses, may be issued after a certain number of offenses on a particular charge have been accumulated on someone's record. These suspensions may last no longer than seven days, and may only be issued after the 3rd offense of a specific charge upon officer discretion. This shall be applicable to all charges listed under Title IV. 

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