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119. Evading a Peace Officer (F)

A person(s) whom, while operating a motor vehicle, or bicycle and with the intent to evade, willfully flees or otherwise attempts to elude a pursuing peace officer's motor vehicle.


Shall be liable under a Class C (3) offense only, and shall receive a minimum of 1 Day. Sentencing Enhancements are allowed for this charge. A 7 Day license suspension shall also be given. The criteria for impounds & fines for the vehicle itself are outlined here;


  1. 7 Days Impound of Vehicle + $5,000 fine 
  2. 14 Days Impound of Vehicle + $10,000 fine
  3. 14 Days Impound of Vehicle + $20,000 fine 


If offense is continued, punishment shall revert back to third offense and continue to be issued. Law enforcement may petition for a full seizure to a magistrate after the fourth offence. 


Note: This is against the person and not the vehicle, therefore if evasion is commenced in a different vehicle, the vehicle on the latest offence may be impounded. If it belongs to someone else it is up to them to prove the vehicle was stolen in order to recover the vehicle. Vehicles will also be crushed, if unregistered. 

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