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  • Welcome to The Los Santos Police Department

    The Los Santos Police Department is in charge of keeping Los Santos safe and secure. LSPD will strive to maintain a peaceful environment for those who live and work within the city limits of Los Santos by enforcing the laws and regulations. The Los Santos Police Department Police Administration and people of City of Los Santos thank you for choosing to be a part of this brave and honorable family.


    Mission Statement

    The Los Santos Police Department Pledges a professional service in order to protect the inhabitants of Los Santos and the greater San Andreas region. We intend to do so through proactive enforcement. The aim of our department is to deliver the best degree of law enforcement and public safety in Los Santos.


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    Duties of a Officer

    As an Officer with the Los Santos Police Department your duties vary and are an important asset when it comes to public safety and keeping the citizens safe. Your job, while on duty and off duty, consists of being a peacekeeper, a mentor, a public servant and a role model to other people. During Patrol, you will perform various duties, from traffic stops and running radar to high speed pursuits within the city that will test your patience and resolve. Officers of Los Santos Police Department are enforcing laws across Los Santos, San Andreas. At all times, An Officer is to follow the law and to enforce the law at all times while in-service.


    Our Values

    Integrity is at the core of our values and is the willingness to do what is right even, and especially, when no one is looking. Without integrity, other values would not exist. Officers are honest, truthful, and consistent in their words and actions making the department worthy of the public's trust. Officers shall be held accountable for their actions, and are held to the highest degree of professionalism and respect.

    Volunteer Service is the ability to give up or push aside one's personal desires, to provide for the welfare of others. Officers are responsible for serving the public, without concern for their own safety. To serve the communities of Los Santos is to satisfy the needs of the organization, and in the case of our department, is to render service to our citizens and their organizations.

    Excellence is the last pillar of our core values. We should always be in continual pursuit of excellence. There is no place for the “we are good enough” mentality. Officers will always work on learning new skills, and refining their current skills to perfect the service we provide for our community.

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  • LSPD | Department Administration



    Chief of Police:

    @2101 | R. Harper | V



    Assistant Chief

    @2102 | L. Swanson



    Deputy Chief of Police: 







    LSPD | Department Staff



    Patrol Captain: Vacant

    K-9 Captain: Vacant

    MCD Captain: Vacant

    TEU Captain: Vacant



    Patrol Lieutenant

    K-9 Lieutenant

    MCD Lieutenant

    TEU Lieutenant


    LSPD | Patrol Supervisors



    Sergeant First Class

    Staff Sergeant



    LSPD | Patrol Officers

    Senior Corporal


    Patrol Officer III

    Patrol Officer II

    Patrol Officer I


    LSPD | Academy Officers

    Probationary Patrol Officer

    SARPA Cadet

  • Department Members Online

    No members to show

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