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Sons of Death MC





The Sons of Death motorcycle controls most of the drug and weapons trafficking that comes thru Blaine county if at anytime another gang or person steps into our turf and is conducting illegals you will interfere and seize all the assets they bring in. At all times when riding as a part of the SOD MC you follow the rules and regulations put in place at no time will you break these rules. The Colors of the SOD MC are red and Black.


All Operations will have at least one enforcer involved. A turf takeover, bank heist or an execution must be approved by a Sgt to arms or above.

1.Gun runs

2.Drugs run

3.Turf takeover

4.Bank Heist




1.Abide by all server and civilian operation rules at all times.

2.Do not interfere with a scene being roleplayed

3.Give no Info to LEO on the club or members doing so will have dire consequences

4.Do not attempt to take out other gangs or MC without approval from the president.

5.When riding as a part of the MC where the proper colors and clothes

6.Your motorcycle will be a Cruiser, no crotch rockets allowed.

7.When riding with the club you will ride in formation  which follows at( President, Vice President, Road Captains, Sgt at arms, Enforcer, Members, And last probies.)



The Rank of Sgt at arms and above will be given by a vote from the members and above. Probies do not get to vote. When a new member joins they will be a Probie for at least four hours of play time then the members and above ranks will vote to decide to patch them in or kick them from the club.


Founders: Mitchell (CIV-113) , Paez (CIV-46), J. Ortiz (CIV-40)

President: Tig Trager

Vice President:

Road Captain:

Sgt at arms:

Enforcer: Ricky Martin

Treasurer: Benjamin Blanco

Member: Jack Bishop

Member: Pat Myaz



All members will wear the proper attire when riding with or as a part of the MC when riding bikes all riders will wear the jacket uniform. Taking your jacket off when not riding will be optional unless attending a MC meeting. Probies will not be able to wear the cut until they get their hours and are voted in by the MC once voted in they will then be able to wear the cut/vest and will be branded with their neck tattoo. 

Vest/Cut Uniform:






Suggested bike for SOD is the Nightblade - It must have some black and red on it.


License plate must fit your rank. SOD Prob SOD Enforce etc..

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